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MOR® Mini Dental Implant System


The popularity of MOR® implants stems from affordability, simplicity, versatility, and high potential to deliver patient satisfaction. MOR provides small diameter implants- ranging from 2.1 mm – 3.0 mm, designed to help clinicians provide an affordable alternative to wherever smaller implants make the most sense: overdentures, single arch, or crown and bridge fixation in tight spaces. The MOR® Mini Dental Implant is equivalent to the 3M™ /IMTEC® MDI. The 3M™ /IMTEC® MDI’s drills and instrumentation may be used. MOR® Key Product Features: Affordable Minimally Invasive Simple Can be immediately loaded* More "YES!" to the Procedure Increased Case Acceptance Increased Patient Satisfaction Improved Quality of Life Practice Growth *Based on clinical case evaluation


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