Bone Grafting Materials

OsteoGen® Strip

Impladent Ltd.

Features and benefits include: * Flexible strips easily conform to the grafting site, eliminating gaps in bony walls * Eliminates chance of particulate wash out; crystals are contained in the collagen * Use around immediate implant placement to fill gaps between the implant & socket wall * Use as a mineralized collagen cover to contain particulates in extraction sites * Use for sinus lifts instead of particulates * Easy and effective ridge expansion, can be curved over a narrow ridge for added width * Can be folded or layered to created added volume and packed into defect space * OsteoGen ® Strips have 4 Years of Shelf Life * Extremely porous and hydrophilic * Can be used as a mineralized scaffold for added growth factors or autologous serum * Available in two sizes: Large - 20 mm x 40mm x 3mm and Small - 12mm x 20mm x 3mm

Other product: OsteoGen® Plug


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