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Impladent Ltd.

The Ultra-Coarse Diamond (UCD) Burs are the perfect pair to use with the OsteoGen® Plugs Kit Includes : 1.0 mm Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur 2.5 mm Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur 3.5 mm Ultra-Coarse Diamond Bur #6 Round Bur Bur Block OPTIMAL SOCKET PRESERVATION BEGINS WITH OPTIMAL SITE PREPARATION AND ENDS WITH AN OSTEOGEN® PLUG Debride - Ultra Coarse Diamond (UCD) Debridement Burs are specifically engineered to quickly and effectively grab and remove granulation tissue following tooth extraction. Decorticate - Make multiple "bleeders" using the included round carbide bur by perforating the lamina dura into the alveolar process to trigger the Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon. Graft - Deliver the bioactive OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Plug into the bleeding socket, compress and suture over top - no additional membrane required. The Kit is sold for $179.00 with a limited time offer of 1 free large OsteoGen Plug ($50 value)

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